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Bayou Bedlam, the contra dance weekend in Houston, Texas BBayou Bedlam, the contra dance weekend in Houston, Texas

Bayou Bedlam

BB21 Virtual Band Jam

This page has the latest updates concerning the BBVB jam. If you have any questions that are not answered here, you can email and either John Bloom or Keith Holmes will get back to you.

If you haven't registered, you can do so here: BBVB Registration. Non-players are welcome to register and listen.

Zoom Information

The Zoom room will open at 1:15 pm on Saturday, February 13.

The idea is to play along with the lead musicians (the Houston band Subject to Change) from the comfort of your own home but with your microphone muted. It's very important to keep your mic muted at all times except during the announced chat times, even if you are just listening!


A tune list and PDFs of the tunes are in a Dropbox folder (link below).

We are using the versions that we play in Houston, most of them as played by our community band, Contra Dan's. These versions are mostly, but not always, the same as versions in the Portland Collection and other sources. Since there are occasional differences from other sources, please use the versions in the Dropbox folder so that we all can literally be on the same page.

If you would like transposed versions for clarinet, sax, etc., please email and we'll gladly supply them.

The Tunes Folder


Most of the tunes will be in medleys of two tunes. Each tune will be played five times. Subject to Change will follow this roadmap:

  1. Everyone plays.
  2. Everyone plays.
  3. Rhythm only. This allows the melody players in the virtual band to play a different version of the melody without clashing with the melody that STC is playing.
  4. Melody only. This allows the rhythm players in the virtual band to play different chords and rhythm patterns without clashing with STC’s chords and rhythm.
  5. Everyone plays.